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Home Remodeling's Final Step: Furniture

December 15th, 2010

greyHouse Inc- Home Remodeling Blog, Raleigh, NC general contractor 

After the constuction of your remodeling project winds down and your new space is complete.......what's next? greyHouseInc.  found this article on and thought it had some great tips on how to correctly use furniture in your existing spaces or new home addition:

Furniture Arrangement Tips

Using the proven fundamentals of artful furniture arrangement can make big improvements to your space.

By Mark McCauley, ASID, Special to

Do you ever think the rooms in your home and your furniture are conspiring against you? Most homes are filled with furniture-arranging challenges. You can't squeeze all the pieces you need into a room, every door seems to swing the wrong way, or your space is a long rectangle that resembles a railroad car more than a living room. Fear not! There are ways to deal with these dilemmas.

1. Take Measurements

The first step in arranging a space is determining its size. Use a tape measure to get the dimensions of a room. Or, a quick tip: measure your foot and then walk heel to toe across the room. It's an easy way to estimate the basic size. If you're running out the door to the furniture store, at least walk across the room and count your footsteps. Most feet are somewhere in the 10- to 12-inch range. Counting your footsteps will give you a rough measurement before you shop.

Always check the dimensions of the hallways, stairs and door widths leading to the space. This is the eternal challenge for the homeowner, being sure the entrance and egress of the room is large enough for potential purchases. Choosing a piece of furniture that can't fit through the doors is disheartening, to say the least.

2. Estimate Volume

Objects are like people—they have the same physical characteristics as we do. All have height, depth and width. For added visual interest, "people" your room with varying furniture of varying characteristics. If you are going for a serene, unchallenging area for rest or recover, keep the furnishing volumes in a room similar...........



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