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March Madness Rings True with Home Remodeling

March 15th, 2011



“March Madness” Rings True with Home




You don’t have to live on Tobacco Road – or anywhere near Raleigh, NC for that matter – to know the way March Madness grips the country this time of year. With the NCAA tournament already underway, frenzied fans across the country are busy filling out brackets, setting their DVRs and putting on their team colors. Although it’d be fun to sit back and enjoy the action, home remodelers, General Contractors and other professionals in the home improvement industry are gearing up for their busiest season, which as you may have guessed by now ramps up in March and runs strong through the turning of the leaves in the fall. The Spring and Summer are naturally a fantastic time to undertake a home remodeling project (think, no cold air sweeping in as workers shuttle materials in and out, and no drafts seeping in around the area where you’re connecting your addition). But what does March Madness really have to do with home remodeling? Well, 3 things actually. 1- (Obviously) it’s home remodeling’s time to set the pace for what the busy Spring & Summer seasons will hold. 2- March’s warm weather has everyone thinking about additions like patios, decks, screened porches, sunrooms & other outdoor living spaces to enjoy the rising temperatures. And 3- Every self-respecting man – basketball fan or not – is thinking about just how sweet it would be to finish his basement and add that media room like the one his neighbor’s got to host his tournament watch-party.

March truly is an important time for the home remodeling industry, as remodelers and other home improvement professionals will get an idea of and set the tone for “the type of year their team will have”. Much the way a sports team finds it difficult to think of the playoffs if they start the season 1-5, remodelers want to use March as a springboard into the busiest and best part of their year. A slow March means a slow start to a critical time for remodelers, so if you’re a homeowner considering renovation March is a fantastic time to pull the trigger on that remodel you’ve been thinking about all Winter. Not only will most general contractors be eager to jump into a project this time of year, but their schedules are likely more flexible than during the “busy” months so they should be able to accommodate your personal timeline.

Luckily for home remodeling contractors who are trying to launch their seasons, Mother Nature is usually on their side. The turning of the seasons and changing of the temperature seems to motivate homeowners to finally start their home remodeling projects, in particular when it comes to outdoor living areas. March is King Pin when it comes to these fluid spaces, and it makes sense…the thermometer finally starts to kiss 70 every few days here in Raleigh and all of a sudden everyone wants somewhere to soak up the sunshine on a daily basis. By starting an outdoor living space remodeling project early in the spring, homeowners are able to enjoy their patios, decks, screened porches or sunrooms for an entire summer before hibernating again. The home remodeling industry sees an influx of these type projects during March, and that’s only the beginning of the Madness.

There are two sporting events that are practically National Holidays because of their near-religious followings: The Super Bowl and March Madness. And since the Super Bowl lasts only one day, any impact it may have on the home remodeling industry is easy to miss. March Madness, however, can have every man, woman & child focusing on a TV for hours at a time 4+ days a week…and if there was ever a time to come down with a bad case of media-room envy, March is it. For anyone considering basement finishing to build a “man cave” or media room, not much motivates the way March Madness does with the frenzy of game activity and surrounding news updates. Although it’s a little unfeasible to finish a basement remodel before the Final Four tips off if you break ground during the first round, the madness is still motivational. Unlike outdoor living spaces, basement remodels are typically projects that homeowners want completed by the end of the summer, so that as the cold, dark Winter months approach they have somewhere to cozy-up and hunker-down. For this reason also, March is a popular time to start basement remodeling projects…What more can you ask for than an oversized flat-screen surrounded by built-in shelving wired for surround-sound and theater lighting to help you pass the cold Winter nights? Add some stadium-style seating with customized recliners built right into the risers and you’ll be ready for movie nights all Winter and March Madness next Spring (and don’t forget the Super Bowl in between).

Regardless of your motivation or the type of home remodeling project you’re starting this March, Home Remodeling Contractors all over Raleigh are saying, “Let the Madness Begin”. The Spring and Summer are great times for remodeling projects, and there’s no better way to kick off a great season of home improvement on Tobacco road than with a little March Madness.

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