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Siding Replacement FAQs

February 27th, 2011

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Siding Replacement FAQs – from James Hardie


greyHouse Inc. home remodeling partner James Hardie – a category leader in Fiber Cement Siding Replacement products in the home remodeling industry – goes inside the minds of homeowners across the Raleigh area to help identify and answer their most FAQs. If you’re considering siding replacement as your next home improvement project you’ll want to read on for answers that will help you through the process from the moment you choose your home remodeling general contractor until the final piece of siding is installed.

Why should I use siding replacement to change the color of my home?

Changing the exterior color of your home is a great home remodeling project that will update its style and add value to your property. Look for inspiration in your neighborhood or the surrounding community, and focus on other homes that have recently undergone siding replacement or other exterior remodeling or home improvement projects as your guide. If you're afraid of making a color mistake, use a variation of your original color when doing your siding replacement. The James Hardie® ColorPlus® color palette provides a wide range of options to enhance the look of your newly remodeled home.

You should also know this is one of the most common issues people have when introducing new colors, whether with interior home remodeling projects or siding replacement. Try this: each select your top four siding replacement color choices. Then, visit the James Hardie® Design Center and view each color or color combination on a home similar to yours. Start by agreeing on colors that don't work and continue this process of elimination until you both agree on the final color or combination to use in your siding replacement project.

If I need a second opinion on siding replacement, who can I ask?

Most people asking for a second opinion are really looking for direction, confirmation and agreement on their siding replacement choices. If you truly want someone to give you an objective opinion, look for a professional home remodeling general contractor experienced in working with home remodeling, exterior renovations and siding replacement. Be open to the general contractor’s suggestions and don't just look for them to tell you what you want to hear. As professionals in the home remodeling & exterior renovation industry, you can feel comfortable taking advantage of their knowledge and using it to benefit your siding replacement project as well as other home improvements you may be considering.

Is there something or someone who can help me visualize the siding replacement on my home?

Absolutely! A good home remodeling general contractor who has experience in exterior renovations & siding replacement will have computer programs & other tools to help homeowners look into the future and view their homes with new products installed before the siding replacement project begins. You’ll be able to view color combinations, styles and options, and try each consideration on for size. Additionally, another helpful tool is the James Hardie® Design Center, which allows you to view different types of siding products, sizes, textures and colors on a variety of architectural home styles.


What's the right roof color to accompany my siding replacement?

The perfect roof color for your home can likely be determined by the other colors you're working with for the siding replacement, including trim and any other exterior renovation accents. The roof color, in many cases, should be a natural, neutral shade that allows for flexibility with the other materials and colors on your home. However, today there are many more roof color options — blues, sage greens, deep reds — that are much more interesting and still neutral enough to be used with an assortment of colors.

Collect samples of the siding colors you plan to include in your exterior renovation and look at the roofing options you think will work well with them. If you're starting from scratch and like a particular roof shade, tie everything to that color and work backwards through your siding replacement. As mentioned above you can utilize the tools available through your home remodeling general contractor.

How many colors should I use as part of my exterior renovation?

The number of colors used as part of an exterior renovation or siding replacement project is dependent on the home and the details there are to highlight. Traditionally, homes had very little architectural interest and therefore, it was common to have a maximum of three exterior colors — body, trim and accent.

Today, new architectural styles are far more interesting and detail-oriented and you should consider a minimum of three colors for your siding replacement and exterior renovation. Maybe add a second body or trim color, or vary the style of siding from plank to shake. Variation is where you can really add interest and make your home more visually appealing through exterior renovation. The additional body or trim colors don't have to be drastically different from each other and in reality should be close to each other, with a slight change in value. If your home has no natural way to divide colors, don't force it and go for a less complex color combination.

Should my trim be a lighter or darker color than the body of my siding replacement?

In many cases, lighter trim colors are the best choice for siding replacement since the eye is attracted to the lightest color in a combination first. In many architectural styles these are the features you want to emphasize, and siding replacement can help you achieve that interest. Keep in mind that not all trim has to be the same color when selecting products for your siding replacement project.

If I use a dark body color in my siding replacement, will it make my home look smaller?

Exterior renovation (and siding replacement in particular) can make a house look smaller as a result of strong contrast in colors or using light and dark colors together in siding replacement. Keep in mind this is not necessarily a bad thing, and can actually enhance design! Exterior renovation is a different type of home improvement than interior home remodeling, where making a room look smaller is almost always a negative. If you are concerned about the variation but like deeper colors, you can accommodate by not using stark white trim but instead selecting a mid-tone color to make the pop-color brighter. Also consider your environment. In a rural area, a large white house really sticks out. To combat this, use a deeper, more natural landscape color for your siding replacement to anchor the house to its surroundings.

For more tips on exterior renovation, home remodeling, siding replacement and home improvement projects, talk to a local home remodeling general contractor in the Raleigh area.

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