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Spend & Save: Kitchen Remodeling that Sizzles

February 16th, 2011

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Spend Here, Save There:


Kitchen Remodeling that Sizzles


Looking to build your ideal space through kitchen remodeling, but not sure how to squeeze it all in to your home remodeling budget? It may seem like a difficult task, but it is possible to design and build a kitchen that will fulfill your needs, while leaving room (and funds) for the rest of your remodeling & home improvement projects. Our partners from Moen have helped us come up with these few handy kitchen remodeling tips to show you how to combine sacrificing and splurging to find the perfect kitchen remodeling mix for any budget.

The Kitchen Remodeling Plan

Before you begin shopping for a remodeling contractor, take some time to log your family's activity in the space pre- kitchen remodeling.  Are you using the range every day or making quick meals in the microwave?  Is your sink area suitable, or are you constantly stacking dirty dishes on the surrounding counter?  Can the dishwasher handle your family's load, and the refrigerator keep everything fresh? Is there enough lighting in the most frequently used areas of the kitchen?
Once you have a good grasp of what's going on in your kitchen, take a look at home remodeling publications to determine what appeals to you, or do some basic searches on the internet using terms like “kitchen remodeling Raleigh”, “kitchen remodeling contractor Raleigh”, “home remodeling Raleigh”, and “remodeling contractor Raleigh”. Not only will you simultaneously be able to begin your search for your home remodeling general contractor, but you’ll also be supplied with endless pictures of kitchen remodeling projects to help you determine your taste and style. Are you drawn toward ornate designs, or do you seek simplicity with your kitchen remodeling project? What about the extras – do you love upgraded appliances, tile backsplashes, pendant lighting and granite countertops? Determining your most desired features is a key step to starting your kitchen remodeling project the right way, and finishing it on budget.

Appliance Assessment – A Big Part of Kitchen Remodeling

Your appliances are high ticket items in your kitchen remodeling project, so select purchases carefully. Some home remodeling general contractors offer homeowners discounted pricing on appliances through their vendor relationships with kitchen remodeling or home remodeling projects, so this is something to consider when choosing a general contractor for your remodeling project. The savings can be up to 40% and often include non kitchen remodeling appliances (ie- washers & dryers), so it’s an opportunity worth investigating.

Selections at the Sink – An Often Overlooked part of Kitchen Remodeling

There are a host of options when choosing faucets and sinks, and as is with appliance selection, home remodeling general contractors can often offer top-of-the-line, name brand products, like Moen, for less than what the average consumer can purchase them from at a local home improvement store. Homeowners must determine if it’s size they seek from their sink, its style, or simply function. When it comes to kitchens, sinks now come in a slew of sizes, depths & variations (different depths and sizes from one side to the other). If you’re stepping outside the kitchen and also undertaking a bathroom remodeling project, a vessel sink might be a fun and unique option to consider.
When it comes to plumbing fixtures (faucets), our partners from Moen offer the best of value, style, function & durability.  Moen warrants to the original consumer purchaser for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns their home (the "Warranty Period" for homeowners), that their faucets will be leak- and drip-free during normal use and all parts and finishes of this faucet will be free from defects in material and manufacturing workmanship. Should defects occur with any of their products, Moen will replace the fixture FREE OF CHARGE – this results in peace of mind and savings in the immediate & long term future as it relates to your kitchen remodeling project.

Kitchen Remodeling Extras

Once you’ve determined where to spend the bulk of your kitchen remodeling budget, consider the upgrades and extra elements.  If your family dines together daily, consider adding an island as part of your kitchen remodeling project. If you love having your family interact during meal preparation, consider a bigger home remodeling project that involves the removal of walls to open up your kitchen to the rest of the living area, giving you an overall home transformation.

When you figure out what’s important you can figure out where to spend; and where you can save. Once you achieve a balance between spending and saving, the perfect kitchen remodeling project will be within your reach and you can feel confident picking up the phone and contacting a home remodeling contractor to get your project underway.



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