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Top 8 Advantages of Finishing Unfinished Spaces

February 6th, 2011

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The Top 8 Advantages of Finishing Unfinished




Whether you’re thinking about basement remodeling, attic finishing or renovating another one of your unfinished spaces, there are a slew of benefits to consider as part of your big home remodeling decision. We’ve asked a group of expert general contractors in Raleigh, NC to develop a list of the top benefits of remodeling unfinished spaces, and their list is worth reading if a home remodeling project is in your future.

#1 - The Value of Finishing Unfinished Spaces

The cost per square foot of attic finishing projects or basement remodeling projects are both less than some of the most popular home remodeling projects, especially kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling in Raleigh. This is partly because of what the unfinished spaces will ultimately be used for; they’re typically more basic spaces that don’t require elaborate “guts” like a kitchen or a bathroom. Although bathroom remodeling in particular may be part of finishing your unfinished space, it still doesn’t require the influx of a room that’s part of the existing structure.

#2 - Cost of Unfinished Spaces Vs Building A Custom Home Addition

Similar to the advantages over kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, unfinished spaces also edge out custom home additions when it comes to the value of these home remodeling projects. Both unfinished spaces and custom home additions offer the flexibility and blank canvas for homeowners to add their own stamps to, however, because basement remodeling and attic remodeling both take advantage of a current structure they’re less expensive than having to build from the ground up as is with a home addition.

#3 - Unfinished Spaces Can Be Self Contained

Depending on what part of your home you’re planning on remodeling and what its ultimate purpose will be, unfinished spaces can be completely self-contained. Perhaps you’re considering basement remodeling to add an in-law’s suite, or attic finishing to accommodate your new master suite. Either way, these spaces can typically house all parts of the remodel, so they can be completely separated from the rest of the house….which is a real benefit if guests – or your in-laws – will be staying in your remodeled space.

#4 - Unfinished Spaces Can Generate Income

Playing off the benefit of being “Self Contained”, unfinished spaces – particularly basement remodeling projects – can be rented out to earn additional income. Because most remodeled basements typically rent for around 75% of a home’s monthly mortgage, they quickly make up for the expense of the initial home remodeling project.

#5 - Unfinished Spaces Increase Livability

If you’re not planning on renting our your unfinished space after remodeling, your family is sure to appreciate and enjoy the benefits of living in a home with a new space. Not only will there be more room for everyone to enjoy, but the space will be fresh, clean and up-to-date, making your unfinished space a truly enjoyable place to spend time.

#6 - Basement Remodeling and Attic Finishing Bring Additional Square Footage

It doesn’t take an expert real estate agent to tell you that more livable square footage equals more money at the time of resale. While your unfinished space is sure to be loved and lived in while you and your family occupy your home, you’ll also see much of your remodeling investment returned at the time of resale.

#7 - Remodeling Unfinished Spaces Increase Resale Ability

As if it weren’t enough to see the price tag of your home rise, an unfinished space that is nicely remodeled by ahome remodeling general contractor will also help diminish the time your house spends on the market trying to sell. With the housing market at the center of the economic downturn any seller knows their property needs every advantage it can get, and basement remodeling or attic finishing, to name a few, are projects that turn unfinished spaces into selling features.

#8 – Unfinished Spaces Turn into Great Organization

Many homeowners don’t make the most of their unfinished spaces. From scattered storage to unorganized belongings, simply finishing the space often offers the motivation and opportunity homeowners need to clean up – and fix up – their space. Basement remodeling can turn a storage nightmare into a bonus room heaven, and attic finishing can transform a cluttered space into a relaxing oasis.

You don't have to be a general contractorto figure out the benefits of basement remodeling, attic finishing or transforming another unfinished space far outweigh the costs. As a homeowner trying to get the most out of your property, its worth taking a second look at that dark, dingy corner you currently use for storage. It just may offer the home remodeling opportunity you’ve been waiting to capitalize on to make your home more livable.



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