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The Cost-Value Advantage of Siding Replacement

January 28th, 2011

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The Cost-Value Advantage of Choosing Siding


Replacement as your Home Remodeling Project


Year after year, siding replacement perennially ranks near the top of Remodeling Magazine’s “Cost Vs. Value” Report. (The report analyzes different types of home remodeling projects, their costs and the average percent return on investment yielded for each, and even divides projects into categories like “Mid-Range” and “Up-Scale” to help level the playing field.) Both vinyl siding replacement and fiber cement siding replacement fall near the top of both aforementioned categories, meaning this home improvement project reaches beyond the actual product you’re remodeling with, But why is it that this often necessary home improvement project continues to garner recognition near the top of the ranks? The home remodeling experts at greyHouse Inc. think the answer is simple, and have put their thoughts on paper to help homeowners realize why taking advantage of siding replacement is a worthwhile home improvement.

Siding Replacement Adds Curb Appeal

Ask any real estate agent what upgraded features help lead to a sale, and if they don’t start with kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, they’re sure to say curb appeal. And what’s the single-most noticeable feature as you drive by a home? Siding. Composing approximately 80% or more of the exterior of a home the siding is the most visible – and structurally significant – part of the building. Because siding replacement can instantly change the appearance of a house, it’s also one of the most satisfyinghome improvements for a homeowner to consider. An incredible transformation, from worn-down fixer-upper to brand new house in a few days? Now that’s a home remodeling project worth considering, and your pocketbook (and real estate agent) will thank you when buyers come flooding through the doors of your open house.

Siding Replacement Increases Energy Efficiency

Home improvement projects that put money back into the homeowners pockets are always popular, whether it’s through the direct return on investment from increased resale dollars or in some other way. Siding replacement leads the charge when it comes to this, and that’s certainly one reason this home remodeling project is so popular. Like everything else in the world that’s trending toward “going green”, both vinyl siding and fiber cement siding replacement products are now being produced to help decrease energy consumption by homeowners by keeping warm and cool air in or out, depending on the season. Usually dependent on the color, some siding replacement products are even Energy Star rated, including products from siding replacement giants CertainTeed and James Hardie. It’s great to recoup dollars invested into home improvement projects at the time of retail; but it’s even better when the savings start showing up before!!

Siding Replalcement Often Represents a Home Improvement "Need", 

Whereas Most Other Home Remodeling Projects are a "Want"

Though siding replacement can offer major transformation, it somehow doesn’t seem to fall into the same home remodeling category of kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and other more traditional home improvement projects. Part of this, we can deduce, is because siding replacement is often a home improvement undertaking derived from necessity, as opposed to luxury home upgrades like kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. But, this certainly doesn’t make it a less valuable home remodeling project, particularly at the time of resale. If potential buyers can be assured there isn’t a major home renovation like siding replacement they’re going to be backed into a corner to undertake, the property is naturally much more attractive. Not only because buyers know they likely won’t have the hassle of having to take on a home improvement project out of necessity, but also because this leaves money they otherwise would have had to invest in siding replacement to spend on remodeling projects elsewhere in the home, like kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or a home addition.

Siding Replacement Offers Added Protection

Lastly (but certainly not least), siding that’s been recently replaced is sure to include the latest product technology that has been developed, which, particularly when it comes to safety improvements, can be a scale tipper. Perhaps more so than anything else, the Class A Fire Rating that’s associated with fiber cement siding replacement materials is a real head-turner. Everyone wants to protect the family they have living inside a home, and something this important just can’t be overlooked. In addition to protection from fire, new siding replacement materials including both vinyl siding and fiber cement siding now better resist insects, water, moisture trapping and wind. Don’t look past the function of siding replacement if you’re tallying up a list of benefits.

Whatever your reasons for considering siding replacement, you’re sure to reap the benefits of this home improvement project in both the near and distant futures. Siding replacement products will only continue to improve as technology progresses, and the home remodeling industry will continue to benefit.


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