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Your Most Common Kitchen Remodeling Q's - Answered

January 18th, 2011


Your Most Common Kitchen Remodeling


Questions - Answered!


Now is a great time to invest in your home, and kitchen remodeling is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make. As a room where families spend important together, the improvements can be enjoyed on a daily basis and much of the renovation costs can be recouped when you do decide to sell.

Want to get the most out of your kitchen remodeling project? Our friends from Moen help answer some common kitchen remodeling questions to get your renovation started on the right track before your home remodeler even sets foot in your house.

Q: Kitchen Remodeling is a huge undertaking. Where's the best place to begin?!

According to “My Home, My Money Pit” by Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete, you should start at the end – by determining how you want to use the remodeled space. Although your primary inclination will be to pick out the style of kitchen remodel you like best, you need to first consider how your kitchen fits your lifestyle and how you need it to function. Think about whether or not you already have ample space to work efficiently or enough storage for your kitchen tools, or if you’re looking for your kitchen remodeling project to add these features. If you also use the space to pay bills and handle other household business, think about adding an office nook or built-in desk area. Do you want your children closer to you when they wolf down their afternoon snacks? Consider adding a bar space as part of your kitchen remodel. Once you determine what you need from your remodeled kitchen, you'll be able to ask your home remodeler to help deliver solutions during the renovation.

Q: What makes a kitchen remodel more or less expensive?

Kraeutler and Segrete say that cabinets can be the single largest expense in a kitchen remodel. If you're looking to cut back on spending, existing cabinetry can often be repaired, reinforced, repainted or refinished instead of replaced. Just be sure to check your cabinets' construction; if they're made of veneers, they can't be sanded or stained, so painting will be your only option (but it’s still a good one). Surfaces are another remodeling spot where you can save or splurge – it all depends on the materials you choose. Look for cost-effective options for counters, backsplashes and floors to keep your remodeling budget in check, as there's a wide variety of selection for these products and something is bound to meet your taste and budget. Like any major purchase you should only spend what you can afford, but don’t spend money on something you don’t like just because it costs less. If you’re careful about the budgeting and planning of your kitchen remodeling project, and work with a home remodeler who can show you options to suit all budgets, you’ll easily be able to determine which products you can save on and which ones are worth spending a little more for.

Q: What is the kitchen "work triangle" and why is it important?

When remodeling your kitchen, keep the "work triangle" in mind – the kitchen area from the refrigerator to the main cooking area to the sink. It's important because with it all of the key kitchen activities – food preparation, cooking and clean-up – take place in adjacent locations, improving the functionality of your remodeled kitchen by streamlining the meal-making process.
Look to include budget-friendly options that allow you to upgrade your work triangle without incurring a huge expense. Simple remodeling options that satisfy this improvement include adding an undermount sink and pullout faucet to increase efficiency.

Q: What is the most desired kitchen remodeling feature?

The kitchen island has become the must-have item in any remodeled kitchen. Because it's centrally located, an island is easily accessed from all areas of the kitchen and ideal for various kitchen-related tasks, including eating, food preparation & workspace. Because of the added surface and storage space brought because of it an island will add instant functionality to your kitchen, and increase resale value down the road. It’s a must-have if you’re considering kitchen remodeling in today’s market!

Q: There are so many moving parts and pieces involved with kitchen remodeling…how do I tie it all together?

 The advantages of using a home remodeling contractor are plenty, and this specific need is perhaps the highest on the list. A good home remodeler will know exactly what elements go into renovating a kitchen, and will be able to incorporate each in the proper order and timeline. What’s more, because home remodeling experts have experience in the home remodeling industry they’re far more up-to-date than you the average homeowner when it comes to creating design layouts and choosing products, regardless of how much HGTV you watch. To get the most from your kitchen remodeling project and the finished product, use a home remodeling contractor to guide you through the process from start to finish.


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