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The Best of Bathroom Remodeling

January 17th, 2011

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The Best of Bathroom Remodeling


When the room you’re considering remodeling is also charged with the responsibility of being the most functional in the house, you may fall trap to the stigma that “functional” has to mean boring. But when it comes to present-day bathroom remodeling, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn just how wrong you are! Bathroom features and upgrades have come a long way in the last decade, and companies with vested interest in your bath satisfaction, like Moen, have put 21st Century technology to use in developing the latest products to ensure you love your lavatory.

Fun-ctional Features of Bathroom Remodeling

Why take the fun out of functional? Just because a bathroom needs to serve some very specific purposes doesn’t mean it can’t have features that make actually using the space easy and enjoyable. For instance, with the baby-boomers aging many of them need special modifications to accommodate their ailing health, and the home remodeling industry has seen an in-flux of walk-in or barrier-free showers and shower seats because of this. But these features aren’t limited just to need-based customers; many average-Joe homeowners are taking advantage of these now common bathroom remodeling trends simply for their ease of use and upgraded feel. An oversized shower stall easily accommodates these features as part of any bathroom remodeling project, and you’ll enjoy the extra space if expansion is part of your bathroom remodeling plan.

If you are undertaking a bathroom remodeling project to gain more space, you’ll also want to consider a separate water closet (an enclosed area that houses just a toilet), and his-and-hers powder areas (let’s face it girls – do you really want to be bumping elbows with your beau while you’re trying to run your curling iron? And guys – does the thought of your woman waving a burning rod of hot metal around while you’re brushing your teeth sound like your idea of fun?). If you’re going to remodel your bathroom, at least consider putting in these separate areas for privacy’s sake, and to allow you and your sweetie to separately primp and prime before leaving the house…not only will you not have to share precious drawer space, but these bathroom remodeling features will also be major selling points when you do decide to put your house on the market.

Especially if you do know you’ll sell sometime down the road, there are a number of simple features that are inexpensive parts of a bathroom remodeling project that you’ll also enjoy while living in your home – and will definitely garner a strong return on investment down the road. Things like built-in shelving and storage, hidden vents and lighting control systems, to name a few, that any good home remodeling contractor should be educating you about anyway. Nowadays vents can be built directly into can lighting, eliminating the eyesore of a separate grate, and lighting can be easily set to operate on multiple switches that include dimmers instead of just offering one big “ON” or “OFF”. Who really wants to see themselves in stagelights first thing in the morning anyway??

Bathroom Remodeling Products that Pamper

On top of the latest trends that add functionality and usability to bathroom remodeling projects, there is a shining list of bathroom products designed to turn your john into a Johnny-rock-star space – particularly when it comes to the shower. Fixture manufacturers, like Moen, have released new cutting-edge, technology-based products fit for a king, and have also introduced product features that make bathing worry-free. Most impressively, Moen’s brand new, state-of-the-art io-Digital Spa Control System is designed to sync with a fully body-spray system, rain head and handheld showerhead and control the water pressure, temperature and flow-pattern with a space-age looking display. Additionally, the product is programmable and comes with a remote control – so you can get your shower heating up before lifting your head from the pillow. The best part about the system? It’s surprisingly affordable, at around half what their competitors charge, so you don’t have to worry about making Oprah-sized paychecks just to put one in your own bathroom. The greatest resource for learning about this product and others like it are by asking your home remodeler, who should be versed in product knowledge and can also provide a cost-estimate for installation. For all you do-it-yourselfers out there don’t get carried away with this one – the system needs special support from your water tank and supply system, so find a home remodeling general contractor if this is something you’ll consider as part of your bathroom remodeling project.

As part of (or separately from) their slick new system, Moen also offers a complete wall-mounted bodyspray and rain-style head for those wanting the complete shower experience (or who need to get really clean). They also offer a feature known as Moentrol (Moen + control, get it?) as an upgrade on their standard lines, which prevents quick, drastic changes in temperature, for instance such as caused by flushing a toilet. Unlike scald-control devices it won’t prevent you from changing the temperature manually from within the shower; it simply helps regulate temperature fluctuation caused by outside influences. If you’re considering bathroom remodeling, this feature is a must-have, and is definitely something worth asking your home remodeler about.

If showering just doesn’t cut it for you, you’ll want to discuss the option of adding a whirlpool-style tub with your home remodeler as part of your bathroom remodeling project. Becoming more and more common (and affordable), these small-scale hot tubs used to be a bathroom remodeling option only for the rich and famous – and are now affordably available for you, Mr. & Mrs. Jones, to put in your master bathroom. And if you’re really looking for something special (I guarantee none of your neighbors have this…yet), a good home remodeler will both offer and be able to incorporate a waterfall into your design. That’s right, I said waterfall. Not only will you feel especially pampered sitting in your tub on a cold winter day, but this bathroom remodeling feature will definitely turn into dollar signs when it’s time for you to sell.

Last and certainly not least, don’t lay your bathroom tile without first consulting your home remodeler about adding a heated flooring system underneath. Another feature you’ll love from the moment it goes in until it helps you sell your house, these systems make it easier to get out of bed in the morning and less painful to get out of the shower when you’re done. It's upgrades like these that take today's bathroom remodeling to a new level!

Bathroom Remodeling Wrap-Up

Regardless of what functional or luxury items you’re considering adding as part of your bathroom remodel, your home remodeler will be able to walk you through a complete list of features and products that will make your bathing experience one-of-a-kind. Especially if cold-stark-and-white is the default mental picture you get when someone says “Bathroom”, remember to consider what a remodeling project can bring to this space while still maintaining its important functionality. After all – if you’re going to sit on a throne, it might as well be fit for a king.


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