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Custom Home Additions: What Should I Add?!

December 30th, 2010

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Custom Home Additions: What to add?!


There’s no question home additions are an extremely versatile home improvement project that can add all kinds of value to your home – both financially and when it comes to the experience you and your family have living there. But if you’re considering a home addition, this blank canvas of a project may leave you wondering, “What should I include as part of my wonderful new space?”

Many home additions are started because of a need; an expanding family, a parent or in-law looking for a space, a small (or nonexistent) master suite… but what about those of you sitting at home right now thinking about upgrading your home because a move (and the challenge of selling that comes with it) is out of the question? What about those of you who are already in a house you love, and although you’d like more space, would never leave your beloved home-sweet-home behind? Perhaps some of the addition projects we’ll discuss will give you an idea for your own home addition, and you can finally start formulating a plan for your new space.

The Family Room / Bonus Room Addition

If you’ve got toys stashed under your sofa, in your linen closet and on top of the washing machine – or you just can’t find a spot for that 60” flat-screen you’ve been eyeing at the mall – it may be time for a family-style upgrade that everyone can enjoy. These often simply-designed, easy-to-add spaces will bring extremely livable square-footage to your home that is sure to be used by all with frequency. Because this type of space is usually very simple, the cost-per-square-foot is typically low compared to other home addition projects. So, if you’re budget-conscious when it comes to the average price/sq. foot in your neighborhood, this is a great avenue to consider. Add a fireplace or custom bar, include a built-in storage closet and earmark a corner for a pool table and you’re on your way to a brand new space you can enjoy with your family and comfortably host friends.

The In-Law’s Suite Addition

As the baby-boom generation ages, many of our parents are in need of a lifestyle alteration to manage their now ever-changing health situations. From a permanent home to a space designed simply to accommodate visitors, an in-law’s suite can be as basic as a bedroom and bathroom or as extensive as a full-on kitchen and dining area, living room and sleeping space. The greyHouse team is currently working on two separate in-law suite home additions in Raleigh, one that includes an entire home front as described above, and the other that is designed around the needs of a handicapped individual with limited physical abilities. ADA-compliant home renovations and addition projects are growing exponentially in occurrence and popularity, made possible by a combination of technological advances and an increase in the development of handicap-specific products designed for in-home use. Because the aging baby-boomers represent a significant percentage of the population, the focus on creating these products – and making them aesthetically pleasing – has been a growing trend. To read a recent USA Today article on the subject, click here.

The Master Suite Addition

There’s no greater treat for deserving homeowners than coming home to a luxurious oasis in their master suite. Unfortunately…not all homes were built to the standards many of us wish to enjoy (basically most homes built before the 1990s!). Luckily for the modern-day homeowner, remodelers across the country have come to specialize in renovating and adding these spaces for homeowners to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for more space, a quieter section of the house or an upgraded area with five-star amenities, a master suite addition can bring all these desirable qualities in one home addition.

The Sunroom Addition

Although not as common of a stand-alone project as other types of home additions, don’t underestimate the value – and enjoyment – of a sunroom addition. Especially here in Raleigh where the weather is enjoyable the majority of the year, a sunroom lets you enjoy the outside while still offering the comforts of the indoors. Enjoy the sun without the heat, the rain without the water, and the breeze without a chill. Especially if you’re already considering a home addition, don’t overlook the option of adding a sunroom as part of that addition to supplement the area you’re already adding.

Closing Comments on Home Addition Projects

Before I wrap things up, I need to make one thing clear: the value created by a two-story addition project is typically significantly more than a single story addition when it comes to cost-per-square-foot, because your home remodeler already has his crews and many of the materials on-site. Now, it’s one thing if you live in a ranch home and want to stay consistent with the ranch style or are prohibited by physical limitations when it comes to adding a second story. But, for often times just a fraction of the total cost, you can double the square footage of your home addition project just by building up. Recent greyHouse multi-story addition projects have included the following combinations, which you may want to consider when deciding on your own home addition:

Family Room Addition -- Bonus Room Addition
Family Room Addition -- Master Suite Addition
Sunroom Addition -- In-Law’s Suite Addition
Bonus Room Addition -- In-Law’s Suite Addition


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