The One-Stop-Shop Advantage

At its core, greyHouse is a one-stop-shop for anything and everything home renovation and remodeling-related in the Triangle.  We can build an addition, remodel a kitchen, add a bathroom or re-side your house.  From a face-lift remodel to ground-up construction, greyHouse Inc can manage your project - and we're eager to show you how a renovation that balances form and function can add to your home.

The Design-Build Concept

As a Design-Build Company, greyHouse has the tools to manage all facets of your home remodeling project, from the preliminary drawings to the final coat of paint.  That means the raw parts and pieces like building permits, site excavation, material and supplies, as well as cosmetic touches like lighting, appliances and the interior design are all channeled through our team of professionals.  There's no need for you to manage separate parts of your project because we handle it all (and that's our specialty!), saving you time and money while offering consistency and peace of mind.

The end result?  A more streamlined process that translates directly into substantial cost savings, faster project completion and enhanced communication between you and our team.

We Do It All

Even if you aren't in the market for a full design-build home remodeling project, the advantage of working with greyHouse as your home renovation and remodeling specialist still lies with the one-stop-shop possibility.  Regardless of what part of your house you're interested in updating, our seasoned Renovation Consultants can offer advice and answer questions about any part of your home, even if it's not what you initially called us about.  Want to hear about new windows and possible tax credits after you finish discussing your kitchen remodel?  No problem.  Or, maybe you'll consider adding that sunroom while you have your siding replaced, and we can do that too.  Regardless of how you add it up, running all your home renovation projects through greyHouse will result in cost-savings and a more efficient, streamlined process.  Contact us today at 919-834-7991, or fill out the form below to speak with one of our home remodeling experts, and learn about the opportunities a home renovation by greyHouse can offer your property!


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