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Unfinished Spaces - Remodeling Your Home's Blank Canvas!

Almost every home has a place - whether a hidden corner or entire level - that has been left unfinished.  A blank slate just waiting for the right homeowners to develop it according to their needs and vision.  With such potential, unfinished spaces allow for the most creative design and specifically-tailored function, which at greyHouse, is the essence of a home renovation.  Turn a storage closet into a new bathroom, a basement into a playspace or crafts area, or transform an attic into a new master suite.  You'll work with our experienced professionals to choose the design and optimize the layout, and then let us handle the construction and heavy lifting.  From cold and empty to warm and livable, finishing spaces will add instant value to your home, and make living there even more enjoyable!

What are the advantages of remodeling an unfinished space?

Much like an addition, finishing an unfinished space - regardless of where it is - will instantly add value and livability to your home.  It will increase the square footage and change the way your family lives in it; all from a space that is already built and exists within the confines of your current structure.  Most importantly, you will be transforming a space that likely gets very little use into a fully functional area for your family to enjoy...and doing it exactly to your specifications.  The most common unfinished spaces are a storage space, basement, and an attic. Typically, these areas are remodeled into functional spaces that often include:

  • Bonus Room        
  • Master Suite   
  • In-Laws' Quarters
  • Playroom
  • Crafts Area


Common Remodeling of an Unfinished Space - Attic Finishing

If you're considering finishing an attic space to add livable square footage to your house, you're looking at one of the most beneficial home remodeling projects of an existing structure.  As with the renovation of any unfinished space, you'll be adding an area that you'll appreciate not only as a resident in your home, but you'll also enjoy the benefit of selling a house that's larger than the one you purchased.  The home remodeling experts at greyHouse Inc. will help you tackle challenges like increasing floor support, managing headroom, and adding ventilhation so your space becomes comfortable and livable.  Additionally, we'll discuss options for egress - exit requirements specified by state building code - to ensure your new living space is safe for you and your family and will easily pass future inspections.  Most homeowners don't consider these nuts and bolts of home remodeling when thinking about their spaces (and who would want to?), and with greyHouse as your team of attic finishing experts, you don't have to.  Our goal is to provide you with options that create a livable, comfortable and safe space that improves your overall home ownership.

Thinking of upgrading your attic insulation as you finish off your attic?

Energy Efficient Rebates on Raleigh Home Remodeling Projects by Qualified Contractor greyHouse Inc and Progress EnergyAs a Progress Energy Pre-Qualified Contractor, working with greyHouse can qualify you for cash rebates on energy efficient home remodeling projects and products. These rebates are only avialable to consumers working with a remodeling contractor who has been screened, trained, and approved by Progress Energy to perform energy efficient home improvements. Let the staff at greyHouse not only make changes to your home that reduce your energy bills but also put cash back in your pocket!

To learn more about the Progress Energy Pre-Qualified Contractor Program and the rebates that are available through greyHouse, click here.

Basement Remodeling- Another Common Unfinished Space

 Whether a "man-cave", TV theater or fully equipped in-law suite, remodeling a basement can bring new life to your home.  As with an attic, basement remodeling will add livable square footage to your home and offer benefits to you as a current resident and future seller.  The list of challenges associated with finishing a basement, however, is much different for these usually below-grade areas compared to their lofted counterparts.  Basement remodeling proejcts require industry experience and knowledge to sufficiently contest with structural limitations, waterproofing, and once again, egress requirements.  Luckily for Raleigh homeowners, our local team has both the experience and expertise necessary to tackle these challenges, and have already completed basement finishing projects that serve as all the above listed functions.  Curious about the possibilities for your basement?  Let the team at greyHouse provide the ideas and direction to take your basement from concrete to complete!

Why choose greyHouse for my home renovation and remodeling project?

- greyHouse Inc. is a Licensed Residential and Building Contractor in the State of North Carolina. General Contractor License #70042.

- ALL greyHouse Owners & Project Managers are licensed general contractors in the state of North Carolina, so you're guaranteed the people involved with your project on a day-to-day basis are qualified for the work.

- All greyHouse Owners are NASCLA Accredited and have passed the National Examination for Commercial General Building Contractors. This is the highest level of licensing.

- greyHouse is fully insured with Workman's Compensation, General Liability, Umbrella Liability, and Automobile Insurance policies. Please don't hesitate to request documentation when meeting with your greyHouse representative.

- As a Design-Build company, we can handle the construction of your renovation project turnkey. Upon browsing our website you'll find our scope of work includes all the individual pieces that may be needed to finish off your unfinished space.  To read more, click here.

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