Kitchen Remodeling Raleigh, NC by greyHouse Inc- Home Remodeling Contractor Raleigh, NC

Kitchen Remodeling - A New Look For Your Old Raleigh Kitchen

A tremendous amount of activity in your home centers around the kitchen, so it's essential that the design of this room, more than any other, offers the best in comfort, functionality and durability.  Not only will you cook and likely eat many meals there, but it's also the default hub for entertaining and likely the heartbeat of your family's home.  Knowing this, it's no wonder the kitchen is at the top of many homeowners' home remodeling lists, and our renovation specialists here at greyHouse offer years of experience in the design and construction of this important space. 

Kitchen remodeling by greyHouse can include a wide variety of changes and updates including:

  • Countertops made of materials like granite, Corian, engeineered quartz, concrete, laminate, etc
  • Custom or stock cabinets, or re-surfacing of existing cabinets
  • Cabinet hardware (pulls and/or handles)
  • Decorative backsplashes of ceramic tile, glass, stone, granite, or Corian
  • Appliances, including built-ins -- ovens, cook tops, refridgerators, etc
  • Ventilation such as fans and hoods
  • Amenities and creature comforts like wine racks and refridgerators, pot fillers, vegetable sinks, heated flooring, etc.
  • Wall finishes (paint or texture)
  • Specialized flooring, such as travertine, hardwood, vinyl, cork or bamboo
  • Lighting including pendants, undermounts, can lighting, track lighting, and ceiling fixtures
  • And much more!


 Kitchen Remodeling Raleigh, NC by greyHouse Inc- Home Remodeling Contractor Raleigh, NC 

 Kitchen Remodeling Raleigh, NC by greyHouse Inc- Home Remodeling Contractor Raleigh, NC 

Why Remodel my Kitchen?

The kitchen is consistently the room that averages the highest return on investment (ROI) for home remodeling projects, and here in Raleigh kitchen remodeling ROIs are even higher than the national average.  If you're looking to identify the one room that will get the most for your money - both for resale values and your personal usage - look no further than a kitchen remodel.  Any real estate agent will agree it's sure to be a selling point when you do put your home on the market, and in the meantime you'll be the day-to-day beneficiary of the amenities you choose to upgrade with.


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Why Choose greyHouse for my Kitchen Remodeling Project? 

Like most homeowners here in Raleigh, kitchen remodeling is one of the most exciting projects for the greyHouse team to work on.  We love watching the changes our work creates in the homes we're working on, and kitchens allow for some of the most drastic transformations.  We have the experience of working with all shapes and sizes, and can truly say we love the process of transforming the good, the bad and the ugly into devine spaces. 

Our credentials also include the following criteria, important when selecting a home renovation or remodeling contractor: 

- greyHouse Inc. is a Licensed Residential and Building Contractor in the State of North Carolina. License #70042.

- ALL greyHouse Owners & Project Managers are licensed general contractors in the state of North Carolina, so you're guaranteed the people involved with your project on a day-to-day basis are qualified for the work.

- All greyHouse Owners are NASCLA Accredited and have passed the National Examination for Commercial General Building Contractors. This is the highest level of licensing.

- greyHouse is fully insured with Workman's Compensation, General Liability, Umbrella Liability, and Automobile Insurance policies. Please don't hesitate to request documentation when meeting with your greyHouse representative.

- As a Design-Build company, we can handle your kitchen renovation or remodeling project turnkey.  To learn more about the scope of our services, click here.  

To schedule an in-home consultation with one of our Kitchen Remodeling Experts call (919) 834-7991 today or scroll up a little and fill out our quick contact form!



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